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About the same time the pigmasks were ‘experimenting’ with human to cyborg chimeras (HURFF DRRFFP *Claus*) a group of scientists were working on the somewhat opposite. Plant to human chimera. (Obviously not cannon) They infused human DNA with tree and a bunch of sience-tiffy stuff. *Poof*! There’s Marceline. They tried to teach her how to fight. (Vines growing out of the ground, trees randomly sprouting, ect.) After three years, she escaped with those techniques in hand. She only had dreams of becoming a real human. (DUUR PINOCCHIO). Marceline is a very petite ‘girl’ with a quiet personality. (Opposite of Tierene). Very shy, and very ‘small’ she’s like a skittish cat. Of course, she’s deathly afraid of fire, and she has a phobia of sharp, shiny, pointy objects.

((This is for :iconmotherrp-da: Other people I role play as include :iconm3-aeoila:,:iconm3-kumatora:, and :iconmotheroc-tierene:

This is MespritLover3212~ Updated 10-3-11))

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Hello there
MotherOC-Marceline Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2011
Marceline jumped at the man that just greeted her. 'How did he know where I was hiding...?'She tired to stay as still as she could to conceal herself, but right after she noticed the long emerald sword that the man owned."EEeeeekkkkkk! W-w-what do you w-want? Don't take me back to the 'dark place'!"She cowered in fear.
MotherOC-Jay Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2011
Don't worry. I'm not going to hurt you, nor taking you to the "dark place."

I'm Jay. And whats your name?
MotherOC-Marceline Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2011
Marceline was still cowering on the ground, but when she heard that the man with the sword wasn't hostile, well, she couldn't know for sure and thought to trust him for now."I-I'm Marceline..."She stood up, still shaking."....And y-you?"
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(( :iconwhywouldyoudothatplz: ))
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(( :iconwhynotplz: ))
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